Britannia once ruled the waves with its watch industry and, thanks to the likes of Bremont, Roger W. Smith and Garrick, some of that long-lost glory is returning to British shores.
Long before ‘Swiss Made’ became the universally recognised badge of horological quality, London rather than Geneva was your first stop for a decent watch. Hans Wilsdorf even established his little-known company there in 1905 – renaming it ‘Rolex’ in 1908, after listening to the noise his watch made when he wound it one day, sitting on a London bus.
Paul Bowman London becomes inspired looking back into that great pedigree history of Britain watchmaking, now ready to join the club of watchmakers.
My name is Paul Vidovic, I'm behind the assembly line, my skills in submarine industrial technology, mechanical automation and passion for watches have become the perfect combination to create the timepieces today.
The brand Paul Bowman London is born meters away from The Royal Observatory of Greenwich (ROG) The Prime Meridian, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) South London’s greatest landmarks, our home is the perfect place to build our timepieces, in ground zero, in Longitude 0º where time begins.